MY FIRST EXPERIENCE as a decorative painter started when I was hired to touchup damaged murals of the Apostles. They were on the vaulted ceiling in the Cathedral in Lafayette. They were in bad shape and part of a ongoing renovation. When I arrived on the job, I found the murals truly had been in disrepair, and now, partially patched-over with new white plaster. . . As a young artist, I had my work cut out for me. (photo)


   MY HISTORY with art started when I was young.  I grew up in a family of artisans. My grandfather was an artist and owner of the stain glass company “Jacoby Studios,” and my father worked as a liturgical art consultant and decorator. When I was young, I  took an interest in art and would do little painting to impress my grandfather. After High school, I studied art at University of Wisconsin River Falls and then studied painting and drawing at Layton School of Art & Design. After my formal training, various unrelated jobs, and relocating to New Orleans, I started working as a painter and portrait artist on Jackson Square. I also sold landscapes in a gallery near by. The company my father represented, Conrad Schmitt Studios, would sometimes hire me to do decorative and restorative painting in Churches and Cathedrals, hence the Apostles, and my introduction.


SOME OF MY ACCOMPLISHMENTS  Since those early days, I was the chief paint decorator of one of the largest new home construction project in the South. I have worked with some of the best and most sought-after interior decorators in New Orleans and New York. I have had my finishes photographed and published in various books and magazines, recently the February edition of “House Beautiful” and the book, “The Language of Interior Design.”  I have been hired to work independently for film studios painting faux marble and faux bois.  And once my crew and I did a segment of, “This New Old House,” demonstrating Venetian plaster.


    This web site is designed as an introduction and small portfolio of my work.  


    My wife and I have a home in the River Bend area of New Orleans.