MY STORY - My first decorating job. I was hired to touchup murals of the Apostles damaged on the ceiling in the Lafayette Cathedral.  When I arrived on the job, I found the murals partly patched-over with new plaster. . .  As a young art student, I had my work cut out for me.


     Having studied painting and drawing at Layton School of Art & Design, and an avid painter, I was selling my paintings in the French Quarter when a decorator, asked if I could do a “foe” finish on her living room walls. Keen to try, I did and was quite surprised by the charm and beauty I created.  Soon after we were working together on a Plantation where all the first floor walls had a beautiful faux finish. . .  the artist had finely blended three colors in a meandering, shifting, pattern. Wow! what interest he had created, I thought. I had before imagined faux painting as a sponging technique.


        Since those early days, I’ve worked on numerous projects, both large and small. I was the chief paint decorator of the largest new home construction project in the south. I have worked with some of the best and most sought-after decorators. My work has been photographed for various books and magazines. Recently the cover of  “The Language of Interior Design.” I’ve also worked on movie sets and once did a segment for “This New Old House,” demonstrating Venetian plaster.


      I’m a dedicated artist and crafts person who strives to create decorative work that imparts a sense of authenticity, warmth and beauty.


     My wife and I have a home in the River Bend area of New Orleans.