For over 20 years decorative artist Tom Oppliger has been working behind the scenes complementing the work and vision of interior decorators and designers. Tom

also works directly with home and business owners as a valuable, go-to resource for all creative and faux painting projects.  


Masterful in both traditional faux finishes and the fresh, quick innovative approach, Tom fuses the rich history of decorative painting with the styles and nuance of the times and is proud of his ability to bring the client's most abstract ideas and thoughts to reality.


Specializing in:


r  Recreating the authentic look of painted antiques.

                                                          r  Providing quality stria and stipple glaze finishes.


r Painting murals and trompe l’oeil effects.


r The understanding of color, its fine distinctions, mixtures and subtleties.

“I have been fortunate to have my decorative work in many beautiful homes and to have befriended and delighted many with my talents.”



gothic inspired ceiling

antique painted chair

gustavian inspired painted armoire

faded-with-age painted wall

painted border with glazed freize

glazed stiles and rails, stippled panels —rotunda

finely stippled walls

faux marble walls

faux marble floor

glazed cabinetry

painted mural for door panel